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According to experts, two-thirds of men will start to lose some hair by age 35. By 50, about 85 percent of men experience significant thinning. Females are no different - an estimated 40% of hair loss sufferers are female. By the time they reach 50, roughly half of all women experience some degree of hair loss.

With thousands having benefited from a parent hair product since 2003, PÉRGATIS HAIR comes with a proven track record of helping men, women and younger people arrest hair fall in a 100% natural way. The product, taking its roots from Ayurverda, is oil-based and is massaged on to the scalp. It helps repair dry and damaged hair follicles through herbs and natural ingredients that are taken through proprietary processes to form a potent revitalising solution that provides nourishment and strength to hair and gives it body and volume. The product is used by men and women for:

  • General Hair Loss

  • Hair Thinning

  • Dry Scalp Conditions

  • Post Child Birth Hair Loss

  • Chemically Treated Hair

  • Regularly Straightened and Blow Dried Hair 

  • Chemotherapy Related Hair Loss

  • Menopause Hair Loss


* For specific advice on your particular hair issue, please consult a doctor

*The $ price is an approximation. The actual price charged by your bank/credit card company may differ depending on the exchange rate on the transaction date.



100% natural

Revitalising Solution


It Helps Repair Dry & Damaged Hair Follicles

"I started experiencing hair loss for the last 5 years and was looking for a natural solution. A colleague at work mentioned PÉRGATIS HAIR (formerly haireal) to me, immediately I wanted to give it a go.


To my pleasant surprise, I noticed an obvious difference in my hair volume within 4 weeks. Here are the pictures at start and after 4 weeks, the results are so amazing!! I am continuing to use PÉRGATIS HAIR because I know it works."

—  Zaheer, Engineer, London, UK




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